Friday, September 18, 2015

The Tragedy of America's Deathbed
The European Nazis who murdered and maimed Jews throughout history in the name of Jesus, Pan-Nationalism, or pseudo-scientific racial theory, deserve what they are getting. Since they hated their Jewish populations who only wanted to be good citizens of their respective countries, they will now have Muslims. Lots of them. May they eat Europe alive. They will have death, destruction, and despair. Riots, social unrest, terror, and the eventual rise of a Caliphate under ISIS. As they slid from paganism to G-dlessness, Europeans have been consistent in their Jew hatred. Let Europe burn. They deserve no better.

America doesn't deserve the wreckage they have sustained courtesy of 8 years of Obama, his quisling liberal supporters, and the spineless RINOS of the GOP. Race riots, cop-killings, poverty, illegal immigration, domestic and international instability. The rise of Islam within American borders. Despite the worst elements of the left and right who mimic each others Jew-hatred, there are many decent Americans who deserve better than to go the way of Europe.

I'm not speaking as if America is a bastion of safety, where the Jew should remain. He should come to Israel for Torah reasons. Assimilation threatens the future of American Jewry, and as Obama's version of America continues to sicken, the physical threats to Jews will come from out of the wood-works. Nevertheless, America is the one country in history with significant numbers of Jews who have not murdered and mutilated Jews, either in the form of government sponsored violence, or in government tolerance for such actions. Jews had a chance to breath after two thousand years of panting.

With G-d's help, a decent conservative politician will arise in America, one who truly yearns to follow G-d's role for him. Such a man will be equipped to right Obama's evil, and to uphold the promise that G-d gave to Abraham. A promise from the only true Torah, not the latter day fiction that threw gentiles off course. It is the only hope for America. The promise of a blessing for those who bless Israel. I speak not of the philo-semitism of false evangelical blessings which are a poison dagger.

Before Yom Kippur, there is time for Jew and gentile to repent and find the correct path. For the Jew, this occurs by fulfillment of the Torah's commands. For the gentile, by living a life according to the Laws of Noach, under the direction/guidance of an authentic rabbi.

Shabbat Shalom.

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