Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The French Flag? You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

It's hard to endure self-loathing among Jews. It's everywhere these days. The epidemic of customized French profile pics on Facebook. "I stand with you France, even if you stand with my enemies", these lemmings declare.  Tel Aviv lighting up buildings with the colors of France. It makes sense in a way, since by and large, Tel Aviv is France. Selfish. Decadent. Bohemian. Perverse. Self-Loathing. Anti-Semitic (self-hatred earns them this label). France would tolerate cannibalism, if such a tribe existed among them. In Tel Aviv they eat themselves. When Jews are killed in Hebron, there is silence in the streets of Tel Aviv. 

What can be more undignified than a Jew changing his profile pic to the French national flag? Can there be a more degrading, pandering, gesture towards a nation of Jew haters, who align with our murderous enemies time and time again? Let all of Eurabia burn. Let them enjoy the benefits of Islamic savagery.

Would any French citizen ever contemplate the notion of changing their profile pic to represent Israel's flag? What does that say about us Jews? Not that we are decent. Don't even bother with that nonsense. The French hate us. It speaks more about the abnormal psychology of Jews than anything else.

France? The same Jew hating France where the Muslims rival the savages of their brothers in Gaza, both in desire and intent, and the "indigenous" Frenchmen condemn and boycott Israel with the hatred of their Vichy forebears. In France, the atheist anti-Semites are still pagan. They still enjoy ghoulish "Passion Plays", albeit, Islamic ones. In shopping malls!

I have no pity for France, Germany, Great Britain, or any of the European Union nations who never miss an opportunity to spread modern day blood libels and arm our enemiesEurope hated their Jews. For two thousand years they let us know it with the flame and with the sword. Now they will have an Eurabian Caliphate and Sharia law to contend with. Europe is a terminal patient waiting to die. If this is not a manifestation of Divine Retribution right before our eyes......

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Anonymous said...

Bravo! Every sentiment, a shechting of Goliath's head. The universe will unfold as it should, B'H.