Saturday, June 17, 2017

Meir Weinstein, “JDL Canada”, and the Contemporary Mythos: Part I

If Meir Weinstein would have just stayed out of a fight he knows nothing about, I would have refrained from penning this piece. If he would have stuck to his little charade in Canada, selling the image of Jewish self-defense rather than implementing it, I would have left him alone. But as I’ve noted before, don’t poke the bull again and again. Don’t lie about good Jews. Don't shame other Jews on Facebook. So now I am forced to open the book.

Several weeks ago, I was forced to call out a certain Yisrael Medad for his outrageous behavior on social media. I wrote:

“Yisrael Medad has the gall to attack a good Jew who was once ensnared in the church, and who in a teshuva process, now dedicates his every free moment to protecting Jews from the missionary menace, based upon his knowledge of such groups. We know what the Torah says about one who would denigrate a Jew for past mistakes. But what of Medad's ongoing sin of being a stumbling block for the Jewish people? The same can be said for others like David "Haivri" Axelrod and the growing army of small Jews who help missionaries gain a foothold in Israel. What a shameful person. Cry for yourself, Yisrael. Cry for Am Yisrael.”

And now the same can be said for the head of the supposed “JDL Canada” (more like Bnai Brith Canada) for calling out the same individual. I’m not going to mince words. Shame on both men for their outrageous behavior. Let me not dance around the bush. They are speaking about my dear friend Moshe Schwartz, who dedicates his life to combatting the missionary threat in Israel. As anyone who knows Moshe Schwartz will attest on so many occasions he has given the shirt off his back to another Jew or opened his home indefinitely. So, this blood libel against a good Jew who has been open about his distant past where he was ensnared with the church, and fights today with every fiber of his being against the missionary menace is the definition of disgraceful. The sin of reminding a penitent of his past is egregious. 

Moshe Schwartz is one of the administrators of “The Judean Hammer” Facebook page and he knows what he’s talking about on these critical matters. There is a reason I installed him in this role. His integrity, his teshuvah, and his knowledge. Larger anti-missionary organizations often use the expertise of baalei teshuva who fled the snare of church, and now use their expertise to save Jewish souls and alert the public. And to reiterate, Moshe is an open book on such issues and his teshuva process is apparent to anyone who knows what fuels him.

Back to Weinstein. JDL Canada is a joke and a disgrace to anyone who reveres Rabbi Kahane. Meir Weinstein knows little of Rabbi Kahane’s Torah, as exhibited by his support of the missionaries of CUFI, and his attacks on other Jews who fight the enemy. Yet he defends people like David “Haivri” Axelrod in Israel who associates and works with known missionaries and evangelical predators. He does this because JDL Canada is an unprincipled hasbara organization which has little to do with Jewish self-defense. That is precisely why they have such a good reputation in Canada and get along well with the Bnai Brith. When a JDL gets along with the Bnai Brith it speaks volumes about the former.

As far as self-defense, every Canadian I know who cares about Jewish self-defense attests to the joke of JDL Canada. Their patrols are a joke, and largely non-existent. No one I spoke with could remember any examples of them protecting Jews. At least Bnai Brith Canada will send a clean-up crew to erase the swastika from your door after 24 hours.

But it is Weinstein’s shameful treatment of a good Jew that is most telling. Carefully watch any exchange on FB and you will see that he cannot answer questions, he defends the wrong people, and attacks the few good men and women who fight the honest fight.

JDL Canada. Flag waving and Hatikvah. Barbeques and baseball. V’zehu. One Kahanist who knew Meir years ago in Israel noted that Weinstein was noted for one thing. He consistently fled from the police when the fire got hot. Kind of like this altercation where two chayas (it appears there were two who threw down, G-d bless them) jumped into the fray, but a certain someone stands there waving his flag. Bring it on Meir. You brought it upon yourself. Now watch another Canadian idiot jump in. Just like Pavlov's dog but with less intellect and inferior manners.

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