Thursday, July 13, 2017

Chief Cry-Baby

They are obsessed with "The Judean Hammer". We are irrelevant, insignificant, and voiceless, yet they listen to our podcasts. Brilliant.

Yet unlike these impotent weaklings we specialize in truth.  Everything is documented and unlike our enemies we don't peddle lies.

They are watching, they are reading, and they are perseverating. People are catching on to the hasbara frauds. It's a good thing.

And the fake indigenous fraud, Chief Crybaby" is pouting again, because people are finally discovering what a bully and con-artist he is. He believes that he can peddle lies and not expect us to expose his true self to the Jewish public. In his tantrum state, he cyber-bullies and threatens. A pleasure to see a petulant man-child whining.

A great and wise man used to say: "Those who can't debate, defame." The faux-indigenous one is seeing red. And nothing could be finer.

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