Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dumisani Washington Exposed (audio post and slideshow)

It never ends. Physical enemies who wish to destroy us in the Islamic/Arab world, and the equally dangerous spiritual predators who want to see Jews embrace "that man". The former are more honest about their intentions. The latter ones throw money at us, smile with brotherly love, and plant their poison roots with the help of foolish/naive/corrupt Jews. And the few Jews who cry out in outrage are vilified and slandered.

If you defend missionaries, you are an enemy of the Jewish people, whether you are Jewish or gentile. Some people cannot get this through their thick craniums. Doing "good hasbara" (whatever that means) doesn't negate one's messianic/missionary activities.

History truly repeats itself. Nevertheless, we continue to pull these pagan temples down, one pillar at a time. Let the guilty scream until their heads burst.

MP3 File

Important: Click on the arrows below to enlarge the following slideshow presentation to watch in full-screen mode. Feel free to share in order to alert the Jewish public, as well as all righteous gentiles who oppose proselytizing.

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