Thursday, August 3, 2017

15 Things Which Will Not Bring Peace To Israel

The silly new "peace movements" on the scene would like to convince the foolish masses that they have a solution to the fact that Arabs want to slaughter Jews. Nevertheless, the pipe-dreams of would-be mystics and gurus will accomplish nothing, save to further confuse the deluded who will join their new cult. Despite groups like Alternative Action and LAVI babbling about shared narratives and magical thinking, the following will do nothing to satiate Arab blood lust, but it might confuse those who are already devoid of reason:
  1. Telling Arabs that "our narrative has room for their narrative".
  2. Telling Arabs that they are also "indigenous".
  3. Blaming the British or western colonialism for our problems with the Arabs, while completely ignoring the ancient Arab/Islamic hatred of Jews.
  4. Expressing sympathy or empathy for Arab struggles.
  5. Appealing to them as fellow sons of Abraham.
  6. Appealing to them as monotheists.
  7. Appealing to them as Semites.
  8. Forging friendships with them and sharing humus and lafa.
  9. Distorting the Rambam and calling them Noachides.
  10. Using silly metaphors of movies and insisting how we can each retain our own story while the Arabs butcher us.
  11. Believing that hosting occasional seminars with token Arabs, and drinking Turkish coffee will solve real problems.
  12. Deluding people that art and theater will bring us together. If only we would dance together and paint Semitic landscapes, the land would bloom with love and peace.
  13. Ignoring the history of brutal dhimmitude, violence (murder and mutilation), and degradation at the hands of our Muslim hosts when we lived among them.
  14. Spreading the infantile notion that picking up trash will stop the Arab genocidal plans for us.
  15. Disseminating a lie. That we can be friends with them and trust them. Just as the Jews of Hebron in the 20's trusted their "cousins".
Never forget. Never forgive.

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