Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hasbara’s Mascot

Why do I dwell on the annoying personage known as Ryan Bellerose? In truth, he’s a largely unknown loser who haunts the hasbara world with multiple FB accounts. As an unemployed, college drop-out, he lacks the basic qualities which keeps him relegated to a tier-three hasbarite. But in many ways he epitomizes everything that is wrong with hasbara. And like barnacles on a ship, he represents a persisting irritation which clings to the ship, and ultimately undermines the integrity of the ship. 

He is ill qualified to speak about anything outside the realm of fantasy novels, ring dings, and online gaming. Yet as a racist, SJW, arrogant, con-man, he should never be put in any position to opine on matters relating to Jews or Israel. Ryan made a career out of being an unemployed college dropout hasbara fraud. His gimmick. Playing the role of an angry “oppressed” Indian who hates white people. His indigenous rights nonsense is about as scientific as phrenology. In truth Ryan is his own worst enemy. He spews nonsense like a broken sewer pipe. And he flip flops on issues with the tide. Plus he is as obnoxious as the day is long. And being that I cause him sleepless nights, I should continue to expose his nasty personality and continue to give him more. A cursory look at Bellerose reveals that his tentacles extend into every nasty corner of hasbara, from the eunuchs of SWU, to Kay Wilson, to missionary Dumisani Washington, to the religious enablers of missionaries in Eretz Yisrael.

So here we go. Part 1: Another look at Racist Ryan‬, who thinks he's a tough guy by going after Louis Farrakhan in 2018. As if Farrakhan just sprouted from the ground in 2018. Even the ADL goes after Farrakhan. 

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