The author recognizes that the following "Platform" is merely a preliminary one, whose primary goal is to lay the foundation for what will eventually become a Jewish state run according to halachah. The current Israeli system of government is contrary to Torah, since democracy per-say is an un-Jewish construct. In matters of Torah law, the ideal system demands that ultimate decisions of Jewish law are rendered by a Sanhedrin, comprised of the finest Torah minds. Similarly, all religious Jews look forward to the rebuilding of the Beit Hamikdash, the return of priestly services/worship under the direction of a Kohein Gadol, and the restoration of Jewish monarchy to the House of David.

These institutions represents the basic pillars of Jewish leadership. The first step would naturally be to form a true Sanhedrin,devoid of politics and ideological agendas, which will address ALL relevant Torah issues facing the Jewish people today, and create a framework for proceeding properly with the continued rehabilitation of Jewish governance.

The current "Jewish voice" in Israel represented by a Chief Rabbinate is a puppet of the secular government. While earlier times saw great men of Torah in the position, it has unfortunately degenerated into a politicized system which has desecrated G-d's name with a culture of corruption that has permeated certain sectors. The Chief Rabbinate is NOT an authentic voice of Torah in Israel today. Even in an ideal setting, the powers of such an institution would be severely limited.

We are faced with a difficult task today, since the desired creation of a Torah state is contrary to the values of so many Israeli's, who define themselves and live their lives by secular principles. How do we proceed? This issue is often distorted by pluralists on the left and pseudo-zealots on the so-called right who are least equipped to bring the knowledge of G-d to Jews who were denied a Torah education. The ideal system must be instituted, yet in the current climate when most people are ignorant of Torah, aggressive coercive measures would lead to a civil war.  A comprehensive process of educating the masses is required. The process must be organic and gradual or it will lead to a corruption of the desired Torah system, and will endanger the physical and spiritual welfare of the nation, which would descend into a state of anarchy. 

The precise manner in how to create a Jewish society requires the input and intellectual leadership of the greatest halachic minds. As such, the following platform is rudimentary in nature, and would ideally be discussed, refined, and developed by those better equipped to make halachic/hashkafic decisions affecting the entire Jewish people. Nevertheless, I believe that the general ideas outline here are in accordance with an intellectually honest assessment of halachic requirements.

Preliminary Platform (subject to revisions which reflect a Torah approach)
  • Faith in THE ALMIGHTY, that only by following the Torah, will we merit redemption and the coming of Moshiach. Judaism is not satisfied with the theoretical, since the application and performance of Torah principles is essential to a Jewish life. A Jewish nation that wishes to be "a light unto the nations" must first understand what it means to be Jewish. When the Jewish people follows the Torah, it will be in a position to bring that knowledge to the the world. Not one day sooner.
  • Educating the masses is an essential aspect of any attempt to rehabilitate the Jewish people. A new institution of Torah education must be formed, comprised of highly trained men and women, who will be equipped to teach the beauty of Judaism to the masses, both within Israel and abroad, and to inculcate for diaspora Jewry the necessity of mass Aliyah. 
  • The immediate revision of the "Law of Return", to ensure that it only grants citizenship to those who are halachically Jewish from birth, or through an authentic halachic conversion.
  • An immediate end to all foreign aid from the U.S. Israel will act solely on the basis of self-interest (as all healthy nations do) and will not be an indentured servant to the U.S.
  • A strong military offensive to ensure that neither Iran nor the rest of the barbarians of the Arab/Muslim world obtain nuclear capability.
  • The annihilation of all terrorist groups within Israel. The death penalty for all terrorists.
  • A government led transfer of hostile Arabs and other gentiles from Israel, similar to the expulsion of 12 million ethnic Germans by the Poles and Czechs after WWII. A humane transfer (assuming it is not met with violence) that has nothing to do with "racism" or mindless hatred. A transfer based on survival and necessity, as required by the halachah. A limited number of gentiles who accept the halachic requirements of "resident stranger" may be granted permission to reside in the land.
  • The immediate annexation of the liberated territories, with a declaration to the Arab world that future acts of aggression will result in Israel having larger borders. 
  • The creation of enforceable "treason laws" will prohibit any member of government from articulating positions of territorial compromise or concession, or engaging in discussion regarding the aforementioned, with other countries or terrorist organizations such as the PA.
  • A government led removal of the Al Aqsa Mosque & the Dome of the Rock, from on top of the Temple Mount. Additionally, a government led removal of all mosques, churches, and other non-Jewish houses of worship in accordance with the Halachah.
  • Missionaries & cults will be prohibited from entering the country. Proselytizing will result in long term imprisonment and/or state sanctioned death.
  • The creation of an independent government agency to investigate the police precincts throughout the country, with the purpose of rooting out all forms/manifestations of corruption, inefficiency, and negligence. The agency will be assigned the task of restructuring the force into a moral and effective entity, capable of enforcing the law and combating crime. Total warfare on every criminal organization that sullies the sanctity of the Land through violence, theft, and prostitution.
  •  Specific institutions will be created to teach the 7 Laws of Noah to gentiles. In this manner, the Jewish people will have a remarkable opportunity to articulate the truths of yahadut to the world.

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