Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cory Booker: Portrait of a Fraud

Featured in "The Jewish Press" on September 17, 2015:

“And as one Democrat after another, one conga line of Democrat after another supports this surrender, it’s clear that the Democrats no longer represent the party of Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. It’s now the Democrat party of Bill Ayres and Barack Obama. And the Democrat party will have the blood on its hand as a result of this deal for the rest of time.” –Excerpt of speech delivered Wednesday by conservative radio host Mark Levin, at a rally in front of the U.S. Capital. (Breibart)

In my last article, I spoke about Judaism’s position regarding the dangers of trusting men, even seemingly decent men. Liberal Jews, and those Jews who befriended and peddled New Jersey Senator Cory Booker around in Jewish circles now have another contemporary example to highlight this point. Cory Booker, that supposed friend of Israel, has exposed himself. Far from the image of strength and bipartisan decency he always sought to present, we now see him for who he truly is. Beneath the veneer of confidence and capability, Booker is a weak man, incapable of standing firm on principles. Another democrat hack who lacked courage to oppose Obama’s treasonous Iran “deal/treaty” which threatens the U.S. and presents an existential danger to Israel. I have a very different notion of friendship.

And let’s not mince words. The looming “deal” with Iran really is THAT bad. As I’ve noted before, Neville Chamberlain was a weak man. Obama is an evil one. He wants a weakened United States. He wants nuclear parity, even among the Arab/Islamic dictatorships that litter the Middle East. This is the stuff of treason. And let us not forget the numerous side-deals with Iran that until today have not been released as mandated by law to the public. That these individuals in Senate could blindly support Obama without full disclosure is terrifying, and it speaks volumes about the kind of people who pursue power in America.

Iran has the blood of so many Americans on their hands, and they continue to commit and fund terror. Even after this "deal" they boast that Israel’s destruction is imminent, and yet somehow Cory Booker tries to justify his support for such a deal, which will remove sanctions and enrich them economically and militarily, and eventually guarantee them nuclear capability. Booker is now desperate to cozy up to his liberal Jewish supporters who gave him so much money during the 2014 congressional elections, and are now stunned by his betrayal. To their credit, some Jews have indicated that they have no interest in meeting him. Others expressed a desire to give him a piece of their mind. The former is the more dignified approach since it adequately conveys one’s disgust, and avoids the inevitable process where he will flatter and appease them. Many Jews will eat right out of his hand and welcome him back into the fold. Many will forgive him and chalk it up to a different perspective, while re-inviting him into the mispachah.

I’m not accusing Booker of being an anti-Semite. He seems a decent man, which leaves us with no alternative but to conclude that he is foolish, small-minded, self-serving, naïve, and weak. The alternative is the charge of antisemitism, which I don’t believe is appropriate in his case. Cowardly and foolish is the only logical explanation. And let’s be honest, only a courageous liberal black democrat could ever oppose Obama on this issue, since the immediate result of such a transgression is to be stripped of your street credentials with the black community.

Even in the absence of his latest folly, Cory Booker was just another liberal black politician who failed the black community, because he has never been able to extricate himself from the pagan cult of Obama worship that allowed a racist, radical, Jew-hating community activist to twice become President of the United States. At the end of the day he is another carbon copy politician who has fallen in line with the fraudulent narrative that democrats are interested in helping the black community. Yet spouting liberal talking points, and standing firm with the party of past segregation, and contemporary liberal racism isn’t brave and cutting edge. It reflects the parable of Proverbs, where the dog returns to his vomit.

Those individuals who should be emulated by the black community are few in number. Individuals such as Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and the straight shooting Sherriff Clarke represent true men of courage, wisdom, and dignity who could help put the dysfunctional black community back in line. Tough love. Yet at the end of the day, the liberals always go with the race-baiters, the demagogues, and in a few instances with the more innocuous misguided decent men like Cory Booker, who remains a clueless progressive married to a failed liberal agenda. 

No friend of ours would ever stand with Obama and the genocidal Iranian mullahs who are hell bent on destroying Israel and the Jewish people. Booker and his liberal quisling friends will go down in the annals of history as weak, little people who aided one tyrant to strengthen the Ayatollah, and bring death to the Jewish people. Cory Booker is no friend of the Jewish people. I implore the reader to call him out, shame him, and publicize his betrayal. He and all the rest of the contemporary Neville Chamberlains of the U.S. Senate. They are traitors. And they will have blood on their hands.

Cory Booker will say nice things about Jews, Judaism, and Israel, when you throw Jewish money at him. Until you ask him to stand with you against Obama’s treason against a genocidal Iran. Then he will stammer and stutter and step into line, ready to goose-step with the rest of the liberal lemmings to Obama’s death march.

History will recall Obama's treason, along with the craven, myopic, goose-stepping liberal senators who joined hands with him and paved the way for a nuclear war with Iran. And lest we overlook his role, despite his "no" vote, Chuck Schumer's failure to advocate forcefully against the deal rendered his vote useless, and placed this scheming opportunist in the camp of the others. And those frauds such as Cory Booker who feigned friendship with Jews and then sided with Obama and Iran at America and Israel's expense will one day suffer for their sins. 

A final message to Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu:

Take a page out of Menachem Begin’s playbook, who for all of his mistakes as Prime Minister, refused to allow Iraq to obtain nuclear capability during his watch. Because Begin truly loved Jews and was eternally haunted by the Holocaust, he wasn’t going to allow that to happen within the reach of his arm. Don’t let the Iranian Amalekites obtain the one weapon that would kill millions of Jews in Israel. You had the courage and the integrity to call out the danger to the world. That was the first time I supported you on any decision without qualifying my support. Give me another opportunity to do so. It’s time to wake up and act decisively. Now!

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