Noahide Laws

I'm not going to waste my time perpetuating politically correct nonsense about how its OK for gentiles to worship how they see fit. Such pluralistic notions are antithetical to Jewish law. Idolatry is prohibited to Jew and gentile alike. (Nor is Islam or x-anity an  acceptable avenue for gentiles, who are required to accept the sovereignty of The One True G-d within the framework of the 7 Laws of Noah.) While Judaism respects the human condition which often necessitates a long and arduous spiritual search, ultimately every gentile is required to follow the 7 Laws of Noah, which is an intensive and disciplined way of living and not a religion (which is prohibited to the gentile). Such is the price for the righteous gentile who wishes to draw near to the knowledge of The Almighty. 

Consequently, a Noahide must have a qualified orthodox Rabbi to consult with and learn from. A proper man of G-d will welcome such an individual, and in the event that he doesn't feel qualified to assist the person himself, will surely find someone to help him/her. The 7 Laws represent seven broad categories.

Here is a classic essay about the challenges of becoming and being a Bnai Noach, written by Rabbi Yisroel Chait, shlitah, of Yeshivah B'nai Torah. May The Almighty bless the men and women of the world who search for truth.

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