• This blog is not a celebration of Jewish violence. As the late great Rabbi Meir Kahane (may G-d avenge his blood) pointed out, while there is a time and place for violence (indeed an imperative!), a Jewish fist must always be connected to a Jewish head. Mindless, misplaced, or misdirected violence is contrary to Judaism. "The Judean Hammer" is premised on the Torah's concept of self-preservation, as articulated in the biblical injunction that "if one comes to slay you, slay them first."
  • "The Judean Hammer" is a call to rehabilitate a Jewish soul that was infected by 2000 years of degradation and death at the hands of the numerous gentile countries that "hosted" us. A call to resurrect the Torah of the Scholar-Warrior.
  • "The Judean Hammer" is a call for Jews to learn from King David who wrote psalms of beauty and then wielded a thirsty sword against the enemies of The Almighty. King David understood that only by annihilating evil, can we pave the way for a King Solomon and a society of authentic peace, which has nothing in common with the deluded, grotesque, western, progressive notions of peace. Jewish peace is not one of appeasement, concession, degradation, and pacifism towards the enemy. Jewish peace is based on strength and dignity that can only arise in an era where evil has been destroyed, and the righteous of the world accept The Almighty's sovereignty. "Jewish peace" represents the only climate whereby G-d's knowledge can be articulated on earth.
  • The Jewish nation is at war with the descendants of Esau and Ishmael. Now more than ever, we need to absorb the lessons of Jewish warfare and combat our physical and spiritual enemies with abject ruthlessness in accordance with Halachah (Jewish law). Thus we will be in  a position to to save the Jewish people, and create a climate for the coming of the true Messiah.
  •  "The Judean Hammer" is committed to teaching the truths of Judaism to Jews, as well as explaining Judaism's authentic perspectives on various issues to non-Jews. This includes helping gentiles to abandon false religions and become genuine "Sons of Noah."
  • The content of this blog is based solely upon the author's intellectual understanding of Torah Law.

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