Friday, January 27, 2017

Unprincipled Hasbarites: Part I (slideshow)

A visual look at one of the more odious "hasbara" tokens on the scene today. Meet an unsavory man who "GoFundsMe" his life under the pretext of a supposed upcoming treatise on "indigenous rights", and has the gall to lecture Jews (he isn't even Jewish) on Torah, Judaism, and identity. A man who threw his former patron and friend under the bus because she dared retain a friendship with someone he disagreed with. A man who has no principles, panders to every side, and even associates himself with missionaries like the notorious Dumisani Washington. I am not calling him a missionary. But he is certainly friends with missionaries and those Jews who enable them. Meet Bnai Brith's online activist, Ryan Mervin Bellerose.

Oh, lest I forget. He's a self-hating bigot who hates and denigrates white people, and rails against "Jews acting white". The irony is that most of his support comes from Ashkenazi, "white", Jews who parrot his nonsense. Bored people with too much time on their hands. Furthermore, he also resents Jews of color, because they have something he lacks. Dark skin. Meet the race obsessed Ryan Bellerose.


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