Monday, August 16, 2021

Dangerous Game: Rudy Rochman’s Indigenous Advocacy (Slideshow Presentation)

In light of the recent attention, Rudy Rochman received following his disastrous publicity stunt in Nigeria, now that he is free, it's time to call out his harmful indigenous advocacy. There are several reasons for this: 
  • Indigenous rights are a progressive, man-made, construct that is antithetical to Torah values. It is a byproduct of western moral relativism and should be far removed from the thought process of all sensible thinking people.

  • Rudy is a leftist! As a peace activist, he actively sanitizes the Arabs and Islam, under the naive assumption that if we only listened to each other’s narrative there would be peace with people. Never mind that the Arab/Islamic world overwhelmingly seeks our genocide. Rudy's peace efforts endanger Jews. Were his insane ideas on security ever implemented (topic for a future article), Jews would be murdered by Arabs who would take advantage of a loosening of security restrictions 

  • Rudy advocates for groups such as the Igbo that are not halachically Jewish, thus perpetuating non-halachic criteria for identifying Jews. The Torah world has been largely silent on this, despite the fact that most Igbo retain or subscribe to Xtian /messianic beliefs.
Watch the slideshow above, and share it with your friends. Find out more about Rudy's problematic ideas which are dangerous for the Jewish soul and body.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Abraham Accords: Anwar Sadat's Strategy Revisited (video-slide presentation)

Perhaps the greatest outrage of the sham peace treaty with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is that so many Jews have fallen for a  clever Arab ruse, first popularized by the late Anwar Sadat, yemach shmo. The brilliant Sadat constructed a template for the other Arab nations to follow. The infamous 'phased plan for Israel's destruction' which he boasted about until his assassination. And yet true to form, Jews learn nothing from history. 

Check out Facebook and Twitter. Social media outlets are flooded with the nebbish sentiments of weaklings & lemmings who clamor after the world and beg to be loved. Listen to the sickening squeals of delight from kipah wearing online hasbara activists, whose obsession with branding and marketing requires them to jump aboard the Abraham Bandwagon; even if a critical study of what we do know about the deal should raise the alarm. 

Listen carefully to what the arrogant ambassador, Mr. Al Otaiba, explicitly stated in the video above. He is a polished and talented diplomat, so many people will miss his brazen message. It is a thinly veiled warning to Israel. Consider the following excerpts from his article in Yedioth Ahronoth, where the UAE Ambassador, Al Otaiba warned Israel:

Annexation will certainly and immediately upend Israeli aspirations for improved security, economic and cultural ties with the Arab world and with UAE.

In case the point was lost, he clarified: 

All the time, we remain an ardent advocate for the Palestinian people and a long-time champion of the Arab Peace Initiative.

And then this: 

If you proceed in that direction, you get into a very negative spiral and it becomes very difficult to pull yourself away from, and makes the two-state solution even more elusive.

Translation: 'Don't you dare annex anything or declare sovereignty. These are lands that will be part of a future Palestinian State.'

No Jew with beitzim, a spine, and Torah, would ever support such a disgraceful deal with the cunning Emiratis. Their intentions are clear. They want F35 fighter jets, and if they don't get them, see how quickly they show us their true faces. 

You know what I'm talking about. The same kinds of faces that allow "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and other pornographic, antisemitic works of filth to be widely disseminated during their famous annual book fairs. The same faces which enjoy the kinds of antisemitic TV programs that would have made Julius Streicher proud.

Peace? This is the kind of peace weak, impotent, men make with those who desire war. It is the peace of the grave.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A Time For Barzel (audio-visual presentation)

The time is long overdue for Jews in the diaspora to defend other Jews. For tough Jewish vigilante groups to roam the streets and make Jew-haters wish that they never saw a Jew. It matters not whether we speak of Paris, Crown Heights, or Australia. The only language these cretins understand is the language of Jewish iron and violence. Broken bones and fractured skulls will make excellent teaching tools for these ghouls.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Bibi The Lifeguard (Audio/Visual Presentation)

Is Bibi truly Israel's lifeguard? With such lifeguards, one ought to stay away from the beach. The legacy of "barzel" (Jewish iron) is lost. Go ask the Jews of the south or the victims of Arab terror. The Likud of today bears no semblance to anything the best of Menachem Begin offered. And even Begin made disastrous mistakes. Truth be told, the Likud of today is a centrist party of wimps. And now the ever-changing Moshe Feiglin's "Zehut" has returned to the fold for his scraps of week-old beef. Where is the right-wing? It doesn't exist. Even the supposed "Kahanists" of today, bears no resemblance to the no-holds-barred authentic teaching of  Rabbi Kahane's "Jewish Idea." And still, despite the tokenism and compromise, they get harassed by the head courts and struggle to get a voice. 

To those who don't like what I say about Likud, get your house in order. If you think that the Likud of today is different from the classic left, you are blind. Save for some economic principles (Israel's version of protectionist capitalism) they are similar to the worshippers of "pure rifles" when it comes to defending Jews and asserting Jewish sovereignty. Their views on social and moral issues are in line with the LGBTQ adoring, later-term abortion loving leftists.

My advice? Speak the truth. Call out the hypocrites and frauds. Get people to recognize unpleasant truths and perhaps then we have a chance of creating a genuine right-wing.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Zehut: When Rebranding Goes Awry

In the coming weeks before the elections, I hope to offer some insights into the various people and parties on the “right” or perhaps what could be better called the so-called right. I say so-called because there is little of what can be described as “right-wing” these days within Likud, and the other parties are also disasters.

Pollsters be damned. Despite the boastful predictions of Zehutniks and the imagined expertise of several polls, I was certain before the last election that Moshe Feiglin and his Zehut party wouldn’t get in. (I even made a bet with my buddy and won a shawarma because of it, a.) Yet even as I predicted the outcome, I noted that even were they to get into the Knesset, Zehut had already lost. I saw a party pandering to the voters for power. A party who long ago lost any semblance of ideology. A Zehut party that was an inferior version (ideologically) than their previous incarnation as Manhigut Yehudit. Smoke and mirrors. Fighting for silly issues or even worse taking anti-Torah positions. I saw an unsettling ability within Zehut to morph into something with shocking ease. Several issues which particularly disturbed me included the following statements from the last election cycle:
  •  Feiglin’s Gantz-Neutral Claim: As part of his recent branding of being all things to all people, prior to the last election, Feiglin claimed that he wouldn’t rule out a coalition with Gantz. At the time I noted that even if he was bluffing, that was an outrageous statement. Now I’m certainly no Likud fan or fan of Bibi. Far from it. I’m to the right of Otzma. But Gantz? Of all the toxins available, Feiglin stated that he wouldn’t rule out swallowing one of the most toxic.
  • Feiglin’s Infamous Red Line: It spoke volumes when Feiglin declared before the last election that of all the issues Cannabis was his red line. Cannabis? Funny that we don’t hear so much about Cannabis these days as we near the upcoming elections. Nor do we see his infamous anti-Brit Mila candidate who was so obnoxiously prominent last time around. Whcih brings me to the next point.
  • The Notorious #18: Pandered to anti-Torah types in the guise of libertarianism. Zehut rationalized and paraded their anti-Brith milah activist, the infamous Gadi Wilcherski at #18. Zehut supported their opposition to national laws against pigs and chametz. These are the kinds of issues that should scare away any Torah minded Jew.
  • Inclusion of Loony Toons- While several people in Zehut’s hierarchy have spoken in support of vaccines, it’s no secret that the party’s leadership includes several militant anti-vaxxers. In other words, irresponsible people who reject real medicine and endanger people’s lives with foolish pseudoscience and conspiracy theories. Those least equipped to lead anything or anyone. This is significant when one considers that a stewardess recently died from measles.
  • Doron Keidar and Friends: Cozied up to evangelicals at the infamous “Cry for Zion” conference last winter with notorious missionary Doron Kedar. continued failure to call out “Hayovel Ministry” and similar organizations of relational evangelists who use agricultural volunteerism and social bridge-building to gain a foothold in Israel.
  • Zehut’s hypocritical “Do as I say not as I do” policy: An ever-changing set of rules which apply to others but not him. Who recalls when Feiglin and friends attacked everyone who questioned their tactic of rehabilitating a Likud that never was? How they denigrated other small parties for being counterproductive and then left Likud and started a small party of their own? Remember their rhetoric about joining forces with others last time? Compare that with the desperate and pathetic attempts of recent weeks to join the same forces they refused to align with last time. Desperation reveals the ugliest side of politics.
  • Avoiding the Demographic threat: Zehut has no comprehensive plan for dealing with Arab demographics. The lunacy of the left is precisely because they also have fears about the problem. Their solutions are insane, but they don't minimize the problem. Zehut is similar to most fraudulent rightists who choose to ignore the problem because it is much easier to avoid the issue and defer the problem to a future generation. Zehut claims there is no such threat. The reader would be wise to remember that one doesn’t need a majority to destroy a country. Particularly when a fifth column is aided by a system which rewards patience, and an equally dangerous left whose suicidal policies remain the de-facto platform (if only theoretically) of the supposed “right-wing” Likud.
  • Cannabis fixation and pseudoscience: Despite Feiglin’s assertion, cannabis is not a cure for anything. Certainly not lethal diseases. Had Feiglin wanted his cannabis platform taken seriously he would not have aligned himself with a clown such as Gadi Wilcherski who also advocates against brit milah. Again, it is curious that one doesn’t hear so much about cannabis these days. How could a red line issue disappear before the elections?
  • Abortions and LGBTQ Issues: Refusal to address in a concrete public manner the horrifying issue of rampant abortions in Israel or the states embracing of anti-Torah LGBTQ issues. If one doesn’t fight for the moral structure of society as defined by the Torah, they have little to say to people who value Torah.
  • The idolization of Libertarian Values: Judaism isn’t libertarianism. Free Will relates to the choices within man which Hashem gave us, it doesn’t celebrate unbridled choice as something ideal, on the contrary. We are guided by Halacha. Zehut uses the motif of free will to ignore provocative issues while making a golden calf of a system of western libertarianism which has nothing in common with a Torah framework.
Nor is it clever to defend an anti-Torah candidate by claiming “we are doing Kiruv” (Jewish outreach). Politics isn’t kiruv. And such a man has no place in a party purporting to represent Jewish values. Not unless he repents publicly. And the false assertions of Zehutniks that he changed his views are meaningless unless he publicly declares and advocates for the very system he tried to destroy.

I am not impressed with Zehut. It is tiresome and irritating to see their endless efforts to obtain power no matter the cost. Bad ideas don’t deserve to be recycled. Zehut is not the answer. And whatever good ideas might remain within, they are unfortunately clouded and shrouded with un-Jewish ideas. As I wrote on a Zehut Facebook page a while back, explaining why I wouldn’t vote for them:

Many reasons. One critical issue is an unwillingness to make a clear unequivocal statement relating to specific missionary groups and missionary related issues in Israel. Would love to hear Moshe Feiglin’s position on Hayovel Ministry, a “relational” evangelical group with a home base in Har Bracha, and with a powerful presence in Eretz Yisrael courtesy of many Jews. I am not impressed by personal messages from Zehutniks speaking on his behalf in generalities. Another issue would be the interfaith tanach sessions in Knesset with known missionaries and religious Jews.

To be clear, neither Feiglin nor any Zehut people participated in the Tanaka session (to my knowledge). I am only speaking of the silence from their leadership. And I know from several disgruntled people within the party, that these issues are well known. 

What we are seeing is weak leadership and compromised ideology. And far from advocating for the kinds of policies which might rehabilitate a spiritually diseased country, Zehut advocates for positions that are harmful to Judaism. Libertarianism isn't a Jewish value. Don't confuse the notion of Jewish free will with corrupt western constructs. Only a fool would do so. Or someone whose intellect has been compromised from toking up too much to the point that they think that cannabis is a red line issue.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Zehut Revisited (Audio)

Important thoughts on the Zehut party, Moshe Feiglin's most recent folly. From cannabis to an anti-Brit-Milah candidate, Zehut has alienated many religious voters. Find out more!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Judean Hammer (Video Podcast): Moshe Feiglin Already Lost:

With several polls projecting several seats in the next Knesset, Moshe Feiglin's Zehutniks are already celebrating. Whether their projected success is real or not is irrelevant. From a Torah framework, there will be no victory regardless of the outcome. By pandering to interests foreign to Torah in order to gain popularity, Moshe Feiglin already lost.

Friday, January 4, 2019

"Fuchs In Five" Podcast (Four) - Amona 2019: Nothing Changes

Amona 2019: Once again, the same types of sadistic hooligans descended upon Amona to wreak terror. To anyone with a sense of history, the images of storm-troopers immediately come to mind. Agents of a supposed "Jewish State" were sent to break open Jewish heads for the sin of living on our holy soil. As if the first state-sponsored pogrom at Amona under PM Ehud Olmert wasn't enough, Bibi had to replicate the sin. 

Here are some short reflections (four minutes and change, the video cut off) on the latest Magav barbarism against Jews by Israel's security forces. And lest we forget, the Likud is in power. The blame for this atrocity starts from the top and rests overwhelmingly on Benjamin Netanyahu's head.

Final point: Precisely how do they choose people to work for the Magav or Yassam? What level of sadism, cruelty, and aggression do they have to discover in one's psychological profile to determine that "this is our guy"?

The first sin of Amona:

The latest outrage:

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Henchmen of The State: Amona 2019