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The Judean Hammer: Noahide Laws

The Judean Hammer: Noahide Laws: I'm not going to waste my time perpetuating politically correct nonsense about how its OK for gentiles to worship how they see fit.  S...

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"Those Black Hats? You Mean Our Fellow Jews?"

A disproportionate time is spent here on this blog focusing on what is essentially a third-tier "hasbarite", a term coined by my colleague Moshe Schwartz, to describe the phenomenon of unwholesome personalities making careers out of "defending Israel" with bad ideas and unscrupulous practises. Yet I believe it is warranted. In the case of Ryan Bellerose, we have a non-Jewish token who has attacked the Rabbinate of Israel, Torah law, and denigrated our fellow "chareidi" brothers. To put it blunt Ryan, Bellerose exposed himself as an antisemite, who has a handful of mindless Jews perpetuating his racket of profiting from people's naivete, ego, and ignorance.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ryan Bellerose Exposed (Nasty Image) - When Ryan Believed In "the Nakba"


As I promised. Part II of our never-ending expose on Ryan Mervin Bellerose, one of the most ignorant, racist, clowns on the hasbara scene today. 

In the interest of candor, I must admit that from a personal perspective I have the unique ability to get under this buffoon's skin as no one else can, with the exception of perhaps one or two other people. I can trigger Ryan like one of Pavlov's dogs with the ease of a Twitter tweet. Ryan harbors a disturbing latent fixation with me and his reaction to this unwholesome-man-crush, compels him to vent. His interest both intrigues and disgusts him. Yet his disturbing fixation is real as evidenced by the image on the left. I am not the sole focus of his pent-up frustrations. But I am pleased to be one of the more successful players who irritates this barnacle, who needs to choose his own identity and leave Jews alone.

I am obsessed with this grotesque personality, in all candor. But I have no choice. This is after all, a man who went on a campaign against "The Judean Hammer FB page" to report us on countless occasions, and cyber-bullied untold numbers of mutual friends to "unfriend us" or he would unfriend them themselves. We have the screenshots and we have the firsthand accounts, since a great many of his "friends" who bash us publicly on Ryan's wall, regularly report back to us. Additionally, he churns out lies about us, and more egregiously refuses to intellectually respond to anything. "A**hat" is his standard response to discourse. Small wonder that even the clueless, useless, liberal Bnai Brith of Canada eventually canned him.

Not that long ago, Ryan Bellerose expressed such sentiments as the following many of which can be found in the video below:
  • That he empathized with "the nakba" and Palestinian suffering.
  • That "nakba denial" was akin to holocaust denial. (min. 5:10-6:20)
  • That Jews engaged in atrocities against Arabs. (min. 9:50-11:50)
  • That the Deir Yassin blood libel was accurate.
  • That the solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict necessitated a three to four Arab state solution. That you can't say one side is indigenous and the other side isn't. (the indigenous rights argument is nonsense, but this is contrary to everything Ryan rants about today. 
  • Astoundingly, that Israel's birth was colonial, contrary to everything he says today (12:50-14:07)
  • That Indians in America experienced a holocaust. Ryan still believes that he personally experienced a holocaust. Ryan also believes that Canada is an apartheid state.
  • That he considered the antisemitic scholar Edward Said and the post-Zionist Benny Morris to be his favorite historians.
Many of these sentiments can be found in the following Youtube debate, which Ryan participated in just a few years ago. At the time Ryan considered himself a well-read expert, and Ryan surely doesn't want you to see this video where he fawns over his jew-hating (but polite) Arab opponent.In truth, one has to listen to the entire debate to appreciate that Ryan doesn't know anything and that his positions change with the wind.

All of these positions are well-documented in the form of videos, audios, screenshots, articles, and posts which Ryan wishes didn't exist. Yet they do exist, and we have them all in our reserves, including some very interesting interesting things that have never been seen before. 

At the time that he articulated these sentiments, Bellerose fancied himself a well-read expert, yet today he continues to defend dangerous hasbara personalizes such as CUFI's evangelical pastor Dumusani Washington, the unrepentant former(?) messianic Kay Wilson, and the many religious Jews in Israel who defend and enable evangelical missionaries in Israel. Ryan Bellerose is a dangerous bottom-feeder. Fortunately he is reviled across the spectrum and people are waking up to the fact that he is a walking cesspool and a con-man. 

Ryan changes with the wind. From the left-wing Bnai Brith to the centrist Left "StandWithUs" to the hasbara shills of Israellycool and other weak-kneed outlets, Ryan will grovel and say anything for an audience. Vacillating between moderation, and trying to be a hard-liner when it suits him Ryan has no business speaking on any Jewish issues. 
Furthermore, his venal behavior exposes him time and again as one with latent antisemitic tendencies which come out whenever Jews disagree with him. Like when he didn't like the Rabbanut's traditional halachic position on the criteria for being a Jew and this fat non-Jew had the audacity to tell the Rabbanut to go piss up a rope. When a gentile speaks this way it speaks volumes about his true nature.

Ryan may feel that he is being unfairly targeted, but he started this fight when he decided to interfere with Jewish interests. And yet despite being a third-tier hasbarite, he is dangerous, since as a pandering, fence-straddling, slug, Ryan will shift and align with the wind. And along the way he defends Jewish collaborators with missionaries (Hayovel supporters), defends actual missionaries themselves (Dumisani Washington), and former messianics who never admitted their past and did public teshuvah (Kay Wilson). Not to mention he introduces un-Jewish concepts (indigenous rights) to a debate he has no business engaging in as an outsider, and he has the gall to opine on matters of Jewish law.

On the eve of Yom Haatma'ut, we thank Hashem for miracles. I will close with something I wrote on Twitter today:

A Critique of Pure Hasbara

Contemporary hasbara activists
My recent article in The Jewish Press. Reflections on the many problems of contemporary hasbara, which is weak-kneed, anti-Torah, dishonest, unprincipled, impotent, and ineffectual. Find out more-"A Critique of Pure Hasbara":


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Hasbara’s Mascot

Why do I dwell on the annoying personage known as Ryan Bellerose? In truth, he’s a largely unknown loser who haunts the hasbara world with multiple FB accounts. As an unemployed, college drop-out, he lacks the basic qualities which keeps him relegated to a tier-three hasbarite. But in many ways he epitomizes everything that is wrong with hasbara. And like barnacles on a ship, he represents a persisting irritation which clings to the ship, and ultimately undermines the integrity of the ship. 

He is ill qualified to speak about anything outside the realm of fantasy novels, ring dings, and online gaming. Yet as a racist, SJW, arrogant, con-man, he should never be put in any position to opine on matters relating to Jews or Israel. Ryan made a career out of being an unemployed college dropout hasbara fraud. His gimmick. Playing the role of an angry “oppressed” Indian who hates white people. His indigenous rights nonsense is about as scientific as phrenology. In truth Ryan is his own worst enemy. He spews nonsense like a broken sewer pipe. And he flip flops on issues with the tide. Plus he is as obnoxious as the day is long. And being that I cause him sleepless nights, I should continue to expose his nasty personality and continue to give him more. A cursory look at Bellerose reveals that his tentacles extend into every nasty corner of hasbara, from the eunuchs of SWU, to Kay Wilson, to missionary Dumisani Washington, to the religious enablers of missionaries in Eretz Yisrael.

So here we go. Part 1: Another look at Racist Ryan‬, who thinks he's a tough guy by going after Louis Farrakhan in 2018. As if Farrakhan just sprouted from the ground in 2018. Even the ADL goes after Farrakhan. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Quoting Mao Tse Tung: Portraits of Deranged Jewish "Activists"

A picture can be worth a thousand words as the saying goes. And so it is. Here we see the delusional Yehuda Hakohen quote Mao Tse Tung, a monster of a man who murdered over 70 million people in China. Untold numbers of atrocities and horrors. Barbarism personified. 

But evidently it's chic to quote Mao and to share his reflections on a pear. Idiocy masquerading as a "new conversation." Mao was a monster and Yehuda HaKohen is a moron. Of course this is nothing new. Hakohen has seen fit to praise such butchers as Fidel Casto in the past, and to lend support to the black supremacists of the BLM movement. 

Indigenous rights buffoon. "New peace" activist clown. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the deranged Yehuda Hakohen. A portrait of moral relativism, delusion, ego, ignorance, and a healthy dose of hypocrisy all wrapped up with the trappings of a kipa. Viva la revolution.

There is nothing creative or clever about Hakohen. His ideas of peace with the Arabs are insane. Eating falafel balls and munching on majul dates with token Arabs won't stop them from slaughtering us. For more on Yehuda Hakohen and his ilk:
And while we are at it, I will offer my vivisection of the asinine "indigenous rights" argument which is contrary to Torah and to common sense.