Sunday, October 22, 2017

So Long Mervin! Non-Indigenous Bottom-feeder Gets the Boot

Hasbara's bottom-feeding, obnoxious, indigenous-fraud, Ryan Bellerose, is reportedly gone from his position as Bnai Brith's "Advocacy Coordinator" for Western Canada. Not only did Ryan not see it coming, he was so full of himself and proud of his association with the BBC, until the other day when he likely received the news. Now Ryan can take advantage of his free time and write that book on indigenous rights he promised several years ago, for which he raised over 21K!

It's a great day for self-respecting Jews who abhor the nebbish efforts of hasbara organizations, and are sickened by the constant search for unscrupulous token gentiles to "represent" Jewish interests. So-called "indigenous rights" activist, Ryan "Mervin" Bellerose epitomes this pathetic trend. So it is good to see that even the useless clowns of Bnai Brith Canada have their limits.

What a pleasure to see this buffoon exposed. We mocked him when he joined the left-wing Bnai Brith, and we will mock him again for his unceremonious removal. Clearly the big shots of Bnai Brith Canada, winners in their own right, had enough of this egotistical, obnoxious, charlatan. "The Judean Hammer" takes partial credit for his termination, because if nothing else, the Bnai Brith probably accepted our argument that he isn't even an Indian. They probably realized that they could get a more authentic Indian if they tried harder. Funny, because it wasn't that long ago when I joked that they were grooming "Eskimo Boy" to take over. 

Remember this from Sept of last year? 

“B’nai Brith has kind of died out in Western Canada,” Bellerose said. “My job is to try to help rebuild the brand and form new lodges in this region through community involvement. For example, we recently held a food drive for members of the northern Alberta reserves who were burned out of their homes by the forest fires. And we are trying to plan events that might attract different people who may not be on our radar.”

Who would have thought that it would only take a year for the Bnai Brith to realize that this guy was annoying them? It seems like ages ago when he wrote that silly piece about "why he was going to rock as Bnai Brith's advocacy coordinator".

True to form, Ryan immediately turned on those he was previously praising. (The Bnai Brith will now be considered a**hats.) He immediately took to Facebook to post the following. Coward that he is, he has since removed it:

Note the pathetic attempt to portray himself as being "unshackled". Funny how he never seemed to be shackled when he took the job and had a year and change to warm a seat in their facility. It wasn't that long ago that he was boasting about his great work with Bnai Brith. In truth, he was a glorified secretary, he just wasn't very good at it. And this particular secretary was hard on the eyes.

Imagine getting laid off for screwing up in your capacity as Western Canada's Advocacy Coordinator for Bnai Brith Canada? How does one accomplish that? What can you possibly do wrong that would compel the image conscious Bnai Brith to fire their lone "indigenous" token? Failing at that is the definition of a loser.

It is always a shame to have to waste energies on this fellow, but Ryan epitomizes so much that is wrong with "Jewish advocacy" today. As a man with associations and friendships with missionary Dumisani Washington and the duplicitous Kay Wilson; who has the chutzpah to opine on matters of Torah and Jewish identity, he warrants our attention now and again. For further reading on Ryan, check out the following links: 

Here is an homage to Ryan's tenure with Bnai Brith Canada.

A riddle for Ryan Bellerose, a genuine bad guy and a dishonest fraud who needs to return over 21 thousand dollars to the pinheads who contributed to his GoFundNe fraud. 

Question: What's more pathetic than being hired by the Bnai Brith?
Answer: Being fired by the Bnai Brith!

HA HA HA. Enjoy your unemployment, Ryan. Time to get a real job. Flip some burgers at some fast food joint. There is dignity in flipping hamburgers.

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