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Aboriginal A**hat: Special Guest Feature

The esteemed Dr. Schwartz reflects on the meaning of life.
Aboriginal A**hat - Special Guest Feature: By Dr. Moshe Schwartz, a renowned expert on "Hasbarite Syndrome", indigenous rights, Metis culture, and daggers of the Levant. Dr. Schwartz is also the object of infamous "hasbarite" Ryan Bellerose's unhealthy fixation, in what has been identified by many observers as a troubling case of repressed man-love. Nevertheless, Dr. Schwartz retains his patented logical approach whenever dissecting Mr. Bellerose's frayed psyche, and has even recommended professional counseling on multiple occasions. At the core, Dr. Schwartz maintains that the absence of a romantic life contributes greatly to the pent-up frustration of this man-child. Naturally, Chief Faux-Cohontas reacts with petulance and hostility to such sage and professional advice. "The Judean Hammer" is privileged to benefit from Dr. Schwartz's wisdom and contribution to the blog.
*It is also known in social media circles, that whenever Mr. Bellerose discovers that he and Dr. Schwartz have a mutual Facebook friend, the petulant one invariably cyber-stalks the common friend and demands that he unfriend Dr. Schwartz. 

Aboriginal A**hat 

An introductory essay by the esteemed Viennese psychologist, anthropologist, sociologist, and expert of Indigenous Cultures; Dr. Moshe (Der Goose) Schwartz PhD.
Metis people having fun.
One of mainstream hasbara's current "stars" who identifies as a "Native Indian" is nothing short of a fraud. Ryan Bellerose built his hasbarite career on grounds that he is both a "Native Indian" and "Meti". Here are two sources which prove that Ryan is nothing more than a hustler. Since Ryan loves to speak about my faith, history, and people, I will return the favor and lecture him about Metis identity. As someone who has read many books on Indians, and seen more than a few Westerns, I am more than qualified to teach Ryan about his own problematic self-identification. Here is some history about the curious Metis people, and a look into their originshttp://firstpeoplesofcanada.com/fp_metis/fp_metis_origins.html
As you can see from the article, the Metis "cultural genesis" is directly linked to intermarriage and assimilation by French Fur traders and the Cree people. Now consider for example the Creole or people of Appalachia, both of whom would not exist without European colonization, similar to the Meti. Would they also be considered indigenous? All three have a DISTINCT history and culture, several hundred years old.The following article details a court case where the Meti did not wish to be identified as "Indian" or "Inuit":

"The Supreme Court also recognized that the Métis have the right to exclude other Aboriginal peoples in defining who they are and in their negotiations with governments for Métis-specific agreements and arrangements. Specifically, the Supreme Court wrote, “object of enhancing the identity, culture and self-governance of the Métis as a s. 35 group, of necessity, must permit the exclusion of other s. 35 groups since an essential part of their unique identity is that they are “not Indian” and “not Inuit”.” The court also emphasized that “in any identification of Métis courts must approach the task of reviewing membership requirements with prudence and due regard to the Métis’ own conception of the distinct features of their community.”
“The Métis Nation is extremely pleased with today’s decision. While this case protects the Alberta Métis Settlements for Métis for generations to come, it also sends a clear message to governments that outstanding Métis land and rights issues must be addressed as a part of the reconciliation process flowing from s. 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982 and the legitimate expectations of Métis pursuant to that constitutional promise,” concluded President Chartier."
Are the Meti a distinct people with a unique history? Absolutely. Are they Native Indians? Logic and the facts on the ground suggest otherwise. Again, my issue is NOT with the Meti people but with a Hasbarite fraud who assumes he is more knowledgeable about Jews and Torah than learned Jews. Ryan Bellerose  is a hustler and a con man, who will continue to switch his story as it benefits him.

In conclusion, the following screenshots show that those who know the history and are aware of the facts think likewise:

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