Friday, November 20, 2015

Liberalism: Disease Of The Mind, Sickness Of The Soul

Liberals profess to be anti-violence, yet they consistently tolerate, perpetuate, and appease the worst perpetrators of violence. The fully formed innocent in the womb is robbed of life, yet serial rapists and murderers deserve rehabilitation. Animal rights before people. "Gay rights", accept when Muslims hurl homosexuals off of buildings. Same with female genital mutilations, beatings, and honor killings; favorite pastimes of Muslims worldwide. Outrage is always selective.

Liberals oppose racism, unless it is perpetrated against whites, Jews, and those who don't fall under the multicultural umbrella. The black equivalent of the KKK is acceptable and indeed reasonable for too many liberals. Multiculturalism is for cannibals and headhunters. Black lives do not matter to most liberals. The perception that they do is far more important to them.

In the absence of morality, liberalism fester and worsens. A liberal society is a dying society. A society which cannot fathom the wisdom of great Jewish scholars who noted in the classic "Ethics of the Forefathers": "Who is wise, he who sees the future."

A liberal never learns. Look at Europe. Blown up today by jihadists, yet they continue to appease the hordes of Islam the very next day. Obama and other world despots are importing murderers into their own countries, despite the evidence and the carnage before their eyes. Even the documented acts of Islamic savages sawing heads off and crucifying thousands, fails to impress the liberal. "A minority", they declare. "Our eyes and ears are deceiving us. Islam is peaceful".

And when a Jew is a liberal, the additional sin is that Torah gets distorted, which constitutions a desecration of G-d's Name, and a rejection of the Jewish mandate to spread His knowledge to the world. In the absence of Torah, the laundry list becomes perverse. Jews for Obama. Jews for Hillary. Jews for Amnesty. Jews Against The Occupation. J-Street. Peace Now. And a billion other horrors.

A mental disorder and a spiritual pathology. Liberalism personified.

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