Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Mistreating Men/Trusting Man: Impediments To True Repentance

Disclaimer: Here at "The Judean Hammer" we never hesitate to call out other Jews for their dangerous beliefs and actions which harm us as a people. Ideally, we prefer to engage in civil dialogue with civil Jews and gentiles, but to do this, the other party has to be civil. When nasty folks take it to the gutter, we respond in kind, and all bets are off. This includes those weakling social media twits who eschewed civil debate on these issues long ago.

Despite the fact that many of my Jewish detractors would gladly run over me with a truck if they could, I forgive most of these humorless, angry, WEAK Jewish hasbarites, despite their slander and libelous efforts to run myself and my colleagues through the mud. Unlike one misguided angry fellow, I would risk my life to protect his nasty self were his Arab gardener to suddenly turn on him.

But I will also call him and his ilk out, whether they be overt leftists aligning with Arabs or attacking "settlements", hasbarite celebrity hounds who employ Arabs and get hot and heavy over the next Eurovision, or religious Jews who betray Torah and the nation for free evangelical labor in Samaria.

I will not belabor the point. Civility for the civil. Sarcasm and satire and mockery for simpletons who started with the name calling. And if I believe that a forum is limp-wrist-ed, weak, spineless, and an echo chamber of triggered neurotics, I will state that outright. And if the party becomes unhinged, (and they will) that speaks more about their own insecurities and neuroses than anything else.

I am resharing something different this evening. Because proper Jewish actions are an extension of proper Jewish thoughts. And in an era where we all too often resort to the superficial digital world, sometimes articulated thoughts falls by the wayside.  These are my reflections on teshuva before Rosh Hashana. Originally published in The Jewish PressMistreating Men/Trusting Man: Impediments To True Repentance

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