Monday, June 26, 2017

The Judean Hammer Lives

In line with Dr. Frankenstein's G-dless values, the powerful monster of Facebook permits the free exchange  of ideas provided that it comes from:
  • liberals
  • multi-culturalists
  • snowflakes
  • social justice warriors
  • indigenous rights activists 
And so on. 

Provided of course, that the content is also anti-Jewish or anti-Israel. Because as we have seen, even impotent expression of pro-Israel sentiment (say, coming from the Bnai Brith) may be deemed extremist and blocked. G-d help us but this is the truth. So naturally, any forum for uncompromising Jewish truth is certainly in danger of censorship. 

After several years of mischief and mayhem, "The Judean Hammer Facebook Page" was finally taken down. The irony is that it wasn't taken down sooner, nor was it taken down because of Arabs complaining about the content. It was removed because Jewish and non-Jewish hasbarites  couldn't handle the content or engage in reasoned discourse. And unfortunately FB's Bolshevik forum doesn't allow one to inquire about or contest their hasty decisions. 

Fortunately, The Judean Hammer blog lives on, the ideas still resonate, and there will be even greater opportunities for in the near future. And don't worry. All of the content is safe and archived. Nothing was lost, except for a Facebook page which was always in danger of getting taken down by Facebook's "Animal Farm". The non-PC truth campaign continues. Arabs, Jew haters, missionaries, Jewish enablers of missionaries, hasbarites, both Jewish and gentile, beware. Prepare for a whole lot more. We know you watch and read the contents of "The Judean Hammer".

Living in their heads rent free has never been easier.

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