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Bnai Brith: A Relic And A Reminder

Don't mess with the Bnai Brith!

There are simpletons on the hasbara scene today, who have this absurd notion that the Bnai Brith is a right-wing organization. It might have to do with the fact that hasbara's token fake Indian, Ryan Mervin Bellerose, currently works for them and he insists that it is so. That is, if you can call what Bellerose does "work". Basically he posts "indigenous rights" nonsense on Bnai Brith Canada's Facebook page, and tweets about their nebbish "what will the goyim think?" activism.

For the ill-informed, Bnai Brith is about as right-wing as Rosie O'Donnell. In the following screenshot, we see them call out President Trump for his decision to keep mentally-ill transsexuals out of the military. But for the BB, this and other leftist "social issues" are reason to scream "shanda!" to the Heavens.

Unbeknownst to Bellerose, Bnai Brith has ALWAYS been a liberal, secular, weak-kneed, limp-wristed, politically correct organization, whose views on Judaism are as far from Sinai as possible. Only a person living under a rock for 100 years would think otherwise. Or a gentile clown from Canada, who wouldn't know what Judaism says about anything, but has the gall to lecture Jews on matters of halacha and identity. The chutzpah of this obnoxious token is well-known. But his most recent statements are astounding:
  • In the following screenshot we see that renowned posek of Jewish law, Rabbi Mervin Bellerosenberg, opine on the halachic issue of ascending Har HaHabayit. Of course there are varying halachic positions both supporting and prohibiting ascension, but this ignorant gentile blowhard thinks that because he heard some cookie-cutter religious-zionists express one position, that suddenly makes him an authority.

There are numerous examples of Ryan's "foot in mouth" disorder. In the past, the esteemed geneticist Dr. Mervin Bellerosenstien tried to explain to us Jews, how conquering the Canaanites (correctly and with G-d's command) doesn't make us colonizers according to his definition of indigenous identity. Because as this blowhard as opined, "conquerors cannot become indigenous". So how did he deal with this narrative of Jewish displacement of Canaanites (which I fully support as a Torah Jew) which throws his assertions where they belong? On different occasions, he threw out some version of the arguments below:

  • Jews are the closest thing to the Canaanites. So according to his magical theory we never displaced or killed the Canaanites, but simply became them. Unfounded claims based on nothing.
  • Jews have more "Canaanite blood" than anyone else. More stupid blood-based assertions based on the former, with a similar lack of evidence.
As I've noted before, which studies show such foolishness? Surely the existence of Jewish religion and culture and the lack of Canaanite religion/culture/identity prove otherwise. Blood based theories? Which studies prove that Jews have Gibeonite blood? Such pseudo-historical foolishness.
Finally, Dr. Bellerosenkranz, that famed historian, has also on occasion resorted to the following tactics to contest the biblical narrative. He tends to save the latter one for his secular supporters, since the brazen disregard for tradition of this claim, would put off many religious supporters:
  • The ‘where are the Canaanites today’ argument.  In other words, if there were some Canaanites around then they MAY have a claim. According to this logic the failure of say the “white colonists” in America was that they neglected to exterminate every Indian, which would have included the theoretical possibility of being indigenous. 
  • His ignorant assertion that the historical record shows that the biblical account didn't happen as recorded. Here he offends Jewish sensibilities by denying the truth of the historical conquest. Of which there is MUCH proof. Tel Chatzor for example. Even notorious biblical critics don't like the fact that Chatzor's destruction layer damages much of their assertions:
Of course until relatively recently, Ryan was a self-identifying Roman Catholic who believed in Jesus. Suddenly now in middle age he is the arbiter of all matters related to identity. Here are a collection of samplings (out of chronological order) from recent years showing his devotion to Christianity.

The indigenous Roman-Catholic Bellerose tribe.
But wait! The other day, Ryan posted on his wall that he isn't Christian. So what gives? Who is this guy to lecture anyone on anything identity related? He can't even decide who he is himself. Make up your mind, Ryan!

Rarely do people call Ryan out, since his Facebook wall is a notorious echo chamber. Ryan unfriends and blocks people who have the gall to disagree with him or call him out. When "The Judean Hammer" had a Facebook page (before Ryan and his like-minded hasbara minions reported it) we often received messages from these people who admitted that we were right all along and that Ryan was a nasty bully. But sometimes, people on his wall do have the courage to call him put for his falsehood:

Perhaps this explains so much about Ryan Bellerose, and why he maintains that Bnai Brith is a hard-core activist group. He doesn't realize how little he knows. In many ways he resembles Ned Beatty's character in Deliverance. Because he doesn't know nothing.

*For those who require a comprehensive surgical dissection of one of this clown's first articles for the hasbarite blog "IsraellyCool", check out the following link:

Unfortunately, Ryan lacks the intellect to understand the original article (not to mention my rebuttal) so don't expect a cogent response. Ryan shows how clueless he is at the beginning of the article when he confuses me with someone else whose previous article he supposedly "destroyed". Ironically, the article of mine which he references was the very first one I ever wrote on the issue of "indigenous rights" and how it has nothing in common with Judaism. True to form, Ryan has NEVER responded in any manner which would display a modicum of intellect. (His standard response is to call people a**hats.)

**For more on the liberal Bnai Brith which did so much to destroy Torah Judaism over the years, and whose general lack of Jewish values sent their deluded spiritually-neglected grandchildren into the arms of JStreet:
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