Friday, October 2, 2015

A Knife In The Heart: More Jews Murdered!

David Raziel of blessed memory.
So many important things to say. The necessary redundant statements that I and others have stated countless times before. And yet, I am unable to do so. I have no energy for poetics, nor any desire to be creative at this tragic moment. Today we mourn the murdered kedoshim, Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin (may G-d avenge their blood!) who were slaughtered  by Arabs (yemach shmam v'zichram) last night in front of their four children.

We enter Shabbat with more tears for our murdered brothers and sisters. Heart-wrenching sobs for orphaned Jewish children who will never know normalcy. Screams to the Heavens for the lunatic spectacle of a 9 year old reciting Kaddish for both his parents. When the tears dry, their blood will still scream out for vengeance. After the Jewish heart has cried its last drop, the Jewish heart needs to cultivate and kindle a different emotion. Rage. At the end of the day, we need to gird ourselves with rage and a desire to see evil annihilated.

Netanyahu has Jewish blood on his hands. No doubt, he and Yaalon will respond to this horror with more KGB/Shabak tactics against Jews, on the pretext of stopping Jews from retaliating against Arabs. Once again, there will be neither evidence, charges, or trial as Jews are imprisoned for indefinite periods of time, courtesy of the notorious abuses of "Administrative Detention."

The great Irgun leader, David Raziel acted so unlike Netanyahu when Arabs murdered Jews. Bibi fancies himself a successor to the early great Zionist leaders who reacted with collective, collateral damage against the enemy, when they slaughtered Jews as a pack of hyenas ravage a gazelle. When Nazis desire your extermination, you don't nitpick and decide which Germans deserve to get it tenfold. The Arabs are today's Nazis. While Jews are gutted, Bibi gives eloquent speeches. In truth, he spits upon Raziel's legacy.

B'dam Va'esh. Blood and fire! David Raziel and other great leaders of Lechi and the Irgun responded to Arab terror with unrelenting violence, because that is the true language of the Arabs. Not the sanitized surgical violence of today's eunuchs in government, but the inferno of vengeance of those who had enough of Jewish funerals and the wailing of survivors. It's time to fight wars the way the Torah mandates, not the way the U.N. or Obama would have us fight them. The Arabs neither appreciate nor fear the olive branch of  havlaga (self-restraint) or the wilting reed of hasbara (public relations).

On the day when our sick diseased leadership falls and normal people seize the reigns, I humbly submit my conscription to an army committed to truly fighting these savages. To fight the way Jewish wars are meant to be fought. In truth, this is why I made aliyah. To fight for Eretz Yisroel, not merely to live in the land. Please Hashem, give us the strength and fortitude to obliterate these savages.

May Hashem comfort and protect the children of these murdered kedoshim. And may we soon see total vengeance for Arab barbarism.

Shabbat Shalom.

A slightly modified version of this article was featured in The Jewish Press on October 8th, 2015:

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