Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Real Lynching

A version of this article was featured in The Jewish Press on October 22, 2015:

There was another terror attack the other day. Another Jewish soldier, Sergeant Omri Levy (may G-d avenge his blood!) was killed by an Arab. A Bedouin Arab, one of Israel's supposed “good” Arabs murdered a Jewish soldier, Sergeant Omri Levi (may G-d avenge his blood!) and wounded several others before being put down by police. (It's time to put the terribly popular myth of good Bedouins to rest. See “The Looming Bedouin Intifada”.) And lest Jews start feeling good about the security of their particular section of the country, this attack occurred in the central bus station of Beersheba. A place many believe too remote and unimportant to be affected by urban Arab terror. In truth, there are no safe places in a country where angry Arabs have access to knives, cars, stones, and guns. They have the weapons and they have the intent.

Another Blood Libel: Allegations of a “Lynching”
The hallmark of too many liberals today on both sides of the Atlantic is that they seize any tragedy to exploit it. During the terror attack, there was another tragedy. During the chaos, police shot an Eritrean man, mistakenly believing him to be a terrorist, and in the aftermath, a crowd of angry Jews beat him. After the man eventually succumbed to his wounds, the Israeli Press smelled blood.

Jew-haters never miss an opportunity to demonize us, either with pornographic Arab allegations of organ harvesting and blood drinking, or the more cleverly crafted western libels who commit the same sin, but with the polish of pseudo-journalism. A rudimentary perusal of the most recent blood libel against Jews and Israel reveals a terrible horror, which one necessarily expects in Israel. The grotesque charge of the willful lynching of a black man, propagated by the judenrats of Haaretz, Ynet, and other perverse publications. The anti-Semitic non-Jewish papers naturally ran with it, noting that “many Israelis are referring to it as a lynching.” The same judenrats who make careers out of demonizing “settlers” while sanitizing terrorists, these same reprehensible types were the first to throw Jews into the fire. And once it was out there, the Jew-haters fed.

The shrill voices. The cacophony of blood libels and charges of racism. And then we heard the word. Lynching. Another thing entirely. Lynching. A word which conjures up those terrible silent black and white images of hundreds of thousands of blacks lynched by lawless white mobs during and after reconstruction in America's south. The murder and maiming of innocents who often committed no crime at all. In this case as the libel went, the alleged lynching had something to do with this man's skin color. Imagine how sick a person would have to be to associate this as the cause, and not a situation where a terrorist started stabbing people. This was an obvious error, but it didn't matter. The Israeli media already had their story. “Black man lynched to death by irate Jews.”

Yet in this instance, as in so many others, the murder of a Jew by a Bedouin assassin was the second story. On the first stage, the journalists of Haaretz, Ynet, and numerous other rags which often mirror the perverseness of Der Sturmer (but without the pictures), performed a secular Passion Play for the eager audiences of the world.

While the assumption that the beating MIGHT have contributed to his death is in theory a reasonable one, the deliberate mischaracterization of the incident as one of racism and willful malice is not. Here's the latest news. There is now forensic evidence that the initial shooting was the cause of death. So much for the forensic experts of Haaretz: Read the full “The Jewish Press” article here.

Critical Point #1: This was an unfortunate accident to be sure, but it was an accident nonetheless. Unlike our pathetic Prime Minister eagerly jumped on the bandwagon to attack “vigilantism” I'm not going to condemn the actions of a crowd burning with righteous indignation and the desire to destroy a wounded Arab terrorist on the floor. If Israel had sanity, the police and military would shoot all wounded terrorists with three slugs in the head as standard protocol. In my personal opinion, in the the absence of such sane measures to deal with Arab Nazis, I am all for the police stepping back and allowing a Jewish mob to destroy a wounded Amalekite. The intention of the crowd was to kill a terrorist. In this case, a wounded man shot by police was viewed by the crowd as a terrorist to be terminated. This doesn't detract from the tragedy of an innocent man being killed. Terrible mistakes happen when the sky starts to fall. The most trained security forces in the world often make such mistakes.

Lynching? Lynching implies malice. Racism. Hatred. There are indeed lynchings in Israel, practically every day now. Lynchings of Jews by Arabs who tear Jews limb from limb and rip out their vitals. Never forget the lynching of two Jewish reservists by ordinary Palestinians and police officers in Ramallah some years back. The daily stabbings, stonings, riots, shootings, and the ever popular Arab sport of running Jews over with the family car. These are all lynchings. A Jew in East Jerusalem can be lynched if he makes one wrong turn with his car.

There are lynchings in Israel. Lynchings of babies, and women , and fathers, infants still nursing, tiny children. No Jew is safe from the Arab hatchet. And in addition to the physical lynchings, Israel gets hammered again by the world, the Jew hating pundits, politicians, and populations who see the modern state of Israel as a Jewish cabal of murder and malice. Of course the worst arrows are the ones shot from within the vamp, bu those who insist in shooting other Jews in the back. If Haaretz will write it, The Guardian will certainly print it. The enemy within is always the worst. In the interest of full disclosure, Arutz Sheva even erred in jumping on the phrase and including it's usage in their articles. Shame on them.

The lynchings in Israel happen every damn day. Jewish blood is cheaper than water, and even in the rainy seasons, Jewish blood flows more copiously. And after all these lynchings Israel gets it again on the international stage. The greatest crime of all, is that the pervayors of this filth come from within our own tribe.

What a crazy people we are. Arabs kill Jews because Jews lack the fortitude and wisdom to throw them out. Terror persists because the government refuses to protect the people. And when an angry Jewish mob, sick of being killed in their own country, react as any normal group would be when faced with a captured murderer, the self-haters of Israel turn the story on its head and exploit a tragedy, to argue that it was a willful malevolent example of racist violence. Of course, these are the same ivory tower types who defend the mass infiltration of illegal aliens from Africa. As they see it, why not accuse Jews of lynching if it opens the doors for the Sudanese and Eritreans?

If Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't like civil unrest, let him do his job and protect Jewish lives. In the absence of that, he should silence himself and refrain from attacking the few normal people who react with righteous indignation and zeal when Jews are killed.

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