Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Reflections on Concerts

After reading about the recent concert in support of our imprisoned hero soldier Azariya, a few thoughts came to mind. 

While it is always commendable when Jews take public measures to highlight injustice against fellow Jews, I want to point out the following. Concerts will not help free this heroic innocent soldier, nor will any "civil" protests, which mean nothing to the government. The system is notorious for crushing all efforts which use the system to bring genuine change.

Nothing short of mass civil obedience will ever make a dent in the government's armor. When society wakes up and rises in unprecedented numbers to take to the streets, only then will we see the possibility for change. I thoroughly disagree with those well-intended people who view the recent concert as a new page in Jewish indignation against government corruption. It is a knee-jerk reaction to something which affected many people. It has happened before and will happen again. 

On a similar note, articles and video posts are not enough to bring about change. No matter how provocative, powerful, or reasoned. They may cause people to think and hopefully to act. They may inspire people. But nothing short of authentic Jewish activism, a societal grassroots effort on the ground, are the real means for rehabilitating the sickness which pervades our government, and our collective Jewish soul. 

A friend of mine agreed with my recent video which addressed the "sick nature" of the governments of Israel, but added that the Nation is also sick because it tolerates the abuse. I agree wholeheartedly. We are a sick and beaten people. My friend and fellow blogger at "Esser Agaroth" uses the psychological term "learned helplessness" to describe what is going on in Israel.

While the morally defective leftist editor of "Walla News", Roy Baharir Perl can call for Arab terrorists to attack a Jewish concert without consequence, Bibi and his cadre of traitors are torturing and imprisoning innocent Jews, and seeking our supposed "Jewish terrorists cells" which exist in their minds alone. If Perl was deemed a right-winger, he would be hanging upside down at this very moment while Shabbak capos pummeled him in his privates and vitals. A normal society would throw this judenrat to the sharks, or better yet, hang him for treason.

The real question remains: How precisely to coordinate and implement the proper framework for causing genuine change in Israel? This is the discussion we need to start having among ourselves. The answer will not be found in the sudden rise of concerts or the respectable efforts of social media activism,which may be important tools in disseminating the message but are insufficient themselves. In truth, this is the ultimate goal of this blog. To graduate to a grassroots movement engaging in more than intellectual ruminations. To become something more. 

Feel free to share your views. but do so with reason and discretion. Don't play into the hands of Israel's Bolshevik "Big Brother".

Chag Sameach. 
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