Thursday, August 11, 2016

LAVI Exposed

Why is LAVI, a Jewish "indigenous rights" movement, a dangerous organization?
  1. Among other things, LAVI is involved in defending Israel based upon our supposed Jewish indigenous rights (premised on bad history and science, and irrelevant to the thinking person) and see this as a viable means of defending our Jewish connection to Israel. As such, LAVI de-emphasizes the Divine claim, which represents our only true claim to the land. For further information on the foolishness of Jewish indigenous rights activists, check out the following articles where I elaborate on this issue:
  2. Unlike other pro-Israel groups which seek to deny indigenous status to Arabs in Israel based upon their selective interpretation of the term, LAVI grants this identity to Arabs and based upon this, see them as "partners" for peace. It matters little for the G-d-fearing individual, since the Torah gives Am Yisrael the entire land, and when the halachic criteria of Jewish control of the land is met, neither Arabs nor any gentiles have the right to reside in the land, if they don't meet the halachic criteria for "resident strangers". In any event, LAVI is in actuality a peace movement and they endanger the Jewish people with foolish ventures. For more on this aspect of LAVI and similiar organizations, check out the following article:
  3. LAVI embraces the vile and violent black supremacist movement "Black Lives Matter", whose members include those with blood on their hands, and many more who support and celebrate such actions. BLM terrorists are responsible for murdering innocent cops in America (black and white) and ordinary citizens. They desire a race war and in this regard they are merely a mirror image of the KKK but with more credibility among the left. See:
  4. LAVI foments discord  between Jews by presenting a false skewed image of romanticized non-white "indigenous Jewry" and a colonized westernized Ashkenazic Jewry which needs to "de-colonize" and "reclaim" it's identity. Judaism is comprised of many peoples and neither color, language, or region define us. The Torah alone is our standard. If Ashkenazic Jewry is no more authentic than Sephardic Jewry, neither is it less so.
This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. More to come.
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