Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dumisani Washington: Enemy of the Jewish People (Slideshow)


*Be patient and allow the 15 second allotment for each slide. Read each slide and see what Dumisani is really about.

What a chillul Hashem that religious Jews actually defend this missionary. Any objective analysis of his church website says it all. Add his friendship and support of notorious messianic lawyer/activist Calev Myers, and his admission (on an old blog) that he was a messianic and you have a no-brainer. Unless you have someone who is compromised in the head or the soul. 

Here is a video of Dumisani Washington's messianic Passover "Seder". Warning: This video should only be watched by those who are strong in their own understanding of Jewish tradition and Torah, and who can appreciate the vulgarity of this brazen usurping of Jewish rituals and commandments, and fusing them with idolatry.

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