Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lyin' Ryan Bellerose

"Anyone who disagrees with me is an a@#hat!"
Further reflections on a bad guy on the hasbara scene today, the notorious Bnai Brith token, Ryan Mervin Bellerose. A con-man who spreads lies and eschews civil debate (do the research if you disagree) for insult, and betrays those who helped him in the past. Were he not so odious, he would be fit to ignore. But a man who raises over 21 thousand dollars on GoFundMe on the pretext of writing a book is a man who deserves the microscope. And his leftist "anti-white" routine is vulgar and racist. 

Ryan hurled lies about "The Judean Hammer" and accused us of racism. This we take very seriously. Anyone who reads anything in our platform knows that we oppose any form of racism, and we call people out on both sides of the spectrum. And we mock the soft insidious racism of the left and the multiculturalists, often using humor and sarcasm to highlight a point. But the charge of racism is projection, since Ryan always denigrates and attacks "white people". So the gloves are off with this charlatan, who is feeling the heat as never before.

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