Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The New Peace Movements Revisited

They are all over Facebook. Groups such as "LAVI", "Alternative Action", and  many others in Israel, who pollute the minds of our most impressionable youth. The tragic face of today's foolish "new peace movements", headed by deluded, guru wannabes, and brain-addled mystics. And so help us G-d, many of them wear kipot. It is peculiar version of a new idolatry today. The so-called Jewish expression of indigenous rights.

But didn't we destroy the 7 Nations? Perhaps we weren't as careful with the mandate as we should have been, but wasn't the halachic imperative clear? Didn't G-d tell us to dispossess the inhabitants lest they be thorns in our eyes?

Ham on shmura matza. Today's Jewish indigenous rights movement has nothing to do with Torah and everything to do with leftist, multicultural, racist, and even Marxist nonsense. Their worldview is perverse and they cater to young liberal Jews with a lie. That these guilt ridden Jews can have the Zionist cake and still share it with our genocidal Arab/Islamic enemies. The solution according to these fools: Embrace our shared "semitism".

Here are several articles where I address these buffoons and their screwy liberal beliefs. They are as far from Torah as Heaven is from hell:

LAVI and Alternative Action view these savages as "indigenous" Semitic partners.
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