Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Disingenuous But Not Indigenous

Ryan Mervin Bellerose, Bnai Brith Canada's token "indigenous" gentile hasbarite, recently made a disgusting comment about the Israeli Rabbinate. Feel free to check out my post from last week: http://thejudeanhammer.blogspot.co.il/2017/08/hasbara-or-halacha_3.html

Any sensitive Jew should be outraged that a non-Jewish ignoramus would have the gall to speak so crudely of a Jewish institution which, although flawed and riddled with problems, is tasked with the impossible responsibility of addressing halachic matters on a national scale. Furthermore, that any non-Jew would denigrate halacha and DECIDE for us Jews, the definition of a Jew is repulsive and it speaks volumes about who he is.

Now it is well-known in normal circles that Bellerose is a loud-mouthed buffoon. He is not even an Indian, and he often lies and tries to identify as both Metis and Indian, which are mutually exclusive identities, and is generally understood by both groups to be so. The problem is that Ryan's Facebook wall is an echo-chamber of non-thinkers, and even his orthodox Jewish supporters are giving him a pass, even though by some of their comments, they are clearly disgusted by his most recent outburst.

At "The Judean Hammer" we aren't afraid of anyone, and we will call out this fraud until it sinks into people's head that he is a conniving, bigoted, charlatan, who has no genuine respect for Jews or our holy Torah.

Bellerose on the Rabbinate:

As always share with your friends. Expose this con man.

#Who's IndigenousCertainlyNotRyan

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