Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Quoting Mao Tse Tung: Portraits of Deranged Jewish "Activists"

A picture can be worth a thousand words as the saying goes. And so it is. Here we see the delusional Yehuda Hakohen quote Mao Tse Tung, a monster of a man who murdered over 70 million people in China. Untold numbers of atrocities and horrors. Barbarism personified. 

But evidently it's chic to quote Mao and to share his reflections on a pear. Idiocy masquerading as a "new conversation." Mao was a monster and Yehuda HaKohen is a moron. Of course this is nothing new. Hakohen has seen fit to praise such butchers as Fidel Casto in the past, and to lend support to the black supremacists of the BLM movement. 

Indigenous rights buffoon. "New peace" activist clown. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the deranged Yehuda Hakohen. A portrait of moral relativism, delusion, ego, ignorance, and a healthy dose of hypocrisy all wrapped up with the trappings of a kipa. Viva la revolution.

There is nothing creative or clever about Hakohen. His ideas of peace with the Arabs are insane. Eating falafel balls and munching on majul dates with token Arabs won't stop them from slaughtering us. For more on Yehuda Hakohen and his ilk:
And while we are at it, I will offer my vivisection of the asinine "indigenous rights" argument which is contrary to Torah and to common sense. 

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