Sunday, October 18, 2015

Savages With Knives

Two Nazis.
I cringe when I check the news. Nightmarish expectations of more Jewish tragedies. Every day another stabbing, another maiming, as another depraved mind-rotted soulless Arab plunges a knife into a Jewish throat, neck, kidney, abdomen. Another Amalekite who decided that today was the day to murder a Jew, be it a baby, or a baby's two parents. Videos and pictures. Today, the horror is captured and frozen in time. Jewish blood on the streets of Jerusalem.

I'm sick of dead Jews; I'm sick of these accursed Arabs, yemach shmam v'zichram. And I'm sick of those who respond to Arab terror with the mercy of fools. The Arabs are everywhere, and they hate Jews. Get this through your heads, fellow Jews. Stop this asinine hasbara, the need to search for the token decent Arabs out there, and the perplexing need to post it on Facebook. Such an endeavor would be akin to a Jew looking for good Germans and celebrating their names during the midst of the Holocaust. We are at war with a genocidal enemy, every bit as evil as the Nazis. Nietzsche was wrong. You must become a monster to defeat monsters. A monster with an off-switch, for when the monster is slain. But a monster. Every great Jewish leader from Samson to Bar Kochba understood this concept.

Call it what you will. Arab riots. Pogroms. Intifada. At the end of the day, it's an orgy of Arab blood-lust to murder Jews. In truth, the shocking number of Arabs stabbing Jews is merely an extension of their eternal jihad to murder the Jewish dhimmi. To butcher us in our sleep, and stab us in our streets. And the response of Israeli's government, headed by the ever shrinking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is predictable as well. To call is weak, is insulting to the weak. It is a disgrace. We live in a Jewish country with leaders who refuse to destroy the Arab enemy, or allow her citizens to protect themselves. A stain on their heads.

There are no political solutions, save for the un-PC Torah solution. Politicians and pundits from when modern Zionism first planted roots toyed with all sorts of ideas relating to the Arab problem. All of them, even the most right-wing solutions, were doomed to fail. The Torah predicts that the enemy that is not destroyed, or at the very least, thrown out of the county will forever be a thorn damaging our eyes.

Throwing them the hell out of the country, transfer. The policy one always associates with Rabbi Meir Kahane (may G-d avenge his blood!), yet Rabbi Kahane's idea was not novel. It was the halacha. The novelty was that he was the lone prominent individual ready to state the halacha, political correctness be damned. There are no other solutions. Rabbi Kahane's timeless work “They Must Go!” is essential reading during these black times. The words of a prophet.

Jewish citizens of Israel are forbidden by our Bolshevik government from protecting ourselves. The Arabs take to the streets with knives, the Jew has a can of pepper spray. The mayor of Jerusalem, the Rambo wannabe who takes photo-ops with his gun but cannot protect the Jews of Jerusalem's most dangerous neighborhoods, is an elitist fraud. He knows damn well that Israel's draconian gun laws prevent most responsible Jews from obtaining a gun license. And so his recent call for licensed gun owners exposes the mentality of too many Israelis. Only the privileged and the connected have the right to a gun license. In America those with licenses carry their guns everyday. The fact that people need to be told to carry their weapon is part of the problem. Those with guns should respect the responsibility they have. If you have a license, carry your weapon every day!

Those pandering politicians who speak of deporting terrorists, of fining their parents, of destroying their homes have no business representing the people. Impotent useless policies. Those who speak of terminating citizenship have no concept of dignity and self-respect. They have no business showing up at Jewish funerals. They have a hand in the shedding of this blood. Alas, we live in a country where terrorists are treated in Israeli hospitals. If you or I stomped on the skull of a wounded terrorist we would be imprisoned for years, possibly life. Jew killers are briefly imprisoned and then released the following Ramadan with 499 of their Hamas/Fatah buddies all for the price of a Jewish femur. The cycle of life and death in Israel.

More dead Jews, and not just in Jerusalem. Tel Aviv. Other regions. No place is safe. Another attack this evening, this time in Beersheva. The Arabs are everywhere. In order to protect Jewish lives they cannot be anywhere. As I've stated before, it is time to learn a lesson from our wise matriarch, who understood things that even Abraham struggled with. Ishmael cannot exist with Isaac because Ishmael cannot coexist with anyone.

The Arabian desert-- the Gobi desert for all I care-- send them to the moon; It's time to get rid of them.

Featured in "The Jewish Press" on October 19, 2015:

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